Temperance Dress - 3/4 Sleeve Bright Peacock
Temperance Dress - 3/4 Sleeve Bright Peacock
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Temperance Dress - 3/4 Sleeve Bright Peacock

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Size Chest
Length (neckline to bottom hem)

 Length (shoulder to bottom hem)

2-3 20" 19" 21"


22" 23" 25"
24" 25" 27"
26" 25" 27"

Easy care, travel friendly. Roll it up and go!

Back Story:
Temperance is the story of a young fashionista inspired by Tailored West, in turn inspiring us! A very nice Young Man, with his five-year-old girl, had dropped off pants to be altered. When they returned he told me his little girl couldn't stop talking about Tailored West, and she wanted dresses from Tailored West for school! Well! ♥️ You can imagine! I dropped my project to show this young fashionista some of our luxurious fabrics, and Friends, she was grinning from one cute little ear to the other as I draped them on her in front of our huge mirrors. We discussed her dresses, for quite some time... I can't always do these things. I have usually not got the time for "Tiny Couture"... But I AM always asking The Lord to show me how I can become a better person through Covid. He showed me today through the beautiful excitement of a child...
Let's revert to a simpler time when mothers and daughters would dress alike. Now that special little one in your life can wear the Tailored West brand!

Be on the watch for more Temperance dresses and the adult designs for you!

ITY/Polyester/Spandex blend

Care: Machine wash, hang to dry

"I design for the American. Your Tailored West garment is cut with curves and contours that fit!" - Nanci

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