Love on One Condition......

Hello Friends! As a Fashion Designer, an apparel a Retailer both to those we are privileged to serve in person and those we serve online.....I have a question ever in my mind.

"What is the ONE CONDITION we offer for you awesome Ladies and Gentlemen that would create a LOVE for our Business??

  • Customer Service!
  • Or Customer Service??
  • Or could it be CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

I would Love to hear what your experience has been. Some Feedback on our Facebook page would be such Joy to all of us at Tailored West! Won't you "Like" us on Facebook and give the TW Girls a boost!?

This week we show our appreciation for our Customers by offering TWO regular price items at 30% off!!

Online Customers, your CODE will be "LOVE@30%"......Enjoy 30% off all orders over $100!

Happy Shopping Friends!


Owner of Tailored West, Inc

Designer of Ver'r'ne