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5 Years in the Making

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Welcome to our first Tailored West, 113 Latigo Lane. I started working for Nanci back when she was in the little store behind Chili's, way back in 2013. I was given a business card of Nanci's by my clothing teacher my Junior year of High School (back when I thought I would be a fashion designer). Thus, the beautiful journey of my life with Tailored West began. I was interviewed by Brenda, so I did not even meet Nanci until my first day on the job. Amy was my orientation teacher, so I still was not around Nanci for the...

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What has TIME taught YOU "Girl Boss"?

I love the age I am at....the "level". If I think of each year as a new "Level" that I've grown up into. A higher level in which I have stretched and grown, but totally been tossed around and blown over....I can embrace these years. These LEVELS. They are my friends. Funny to think of TIME, as a friend. TIME. My sidekick that I look over my shoulder at and wink. TIME. My shadow of a past filled with goals, disappointments and lessons. TIME. My teacher now cheering me on as I have finally grown up to the title "Girl...

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"Art in Fashion with Sustainable Purpose".

Friends, we live in an amazing time of creative freedom in fashion. As a Designer I am super excited about the future launch of "Ver'e'ne Revival"! Coming in March 2018 so be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don't miss a beat!  Bring us Your unwanted Jeans, Laces, Buttons, Leather Boots of any kind, flannel shirts, and leather clothing.Enjoy complimentary Coffee or tea and treats, and receive a coupon redeemable on ANY American Made item! Candles, Clothes, ANYTHING American Made! Both Stores!  There is no monetary exchange for the items you bring in...However, you have our promise...    ...

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Notes from a YWAM meeting that touched me deeply.

HI Friends, Thanks for dropping by! I'm excited to write this and I hope you enjoy the information and are motivated in some way! We attended an inspirational meeting last night and I wanted to spread some of these Affirmations of the YWAM Wealth Creation Manifesto. This meeting was in Colorado Springs at the YWAM School of Business and Entrepreneurship DTS. We were warmly greeted and treated to dessert and coffee and then the true treat began... Learning about the affirmations of the Lausanne Movement and Business As Mission (BAM) I'm just going to mention a few that highly resonated...

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Independence in Fashion. Independence in Design.

Here's a thought from Nanci: Pray for our Nation, Work Hard and Be Nice, Pray for your dreams....Work Hard for your dreams....Love your Employees, Pray for your Employees, Pray for your Customers, your vendors....Work Harder than ever, and be an independent Free thinking person.  in·de·pend·ent ˌindəˈpendənt/   adjective adjective: independent free from outside control; not depending on another's authority. synonyms:  freethinking, free, individualistic; More synonyms: self-governing, self-ruling, self-determining, sovereign, autonomous, free, nonaligned "an independent country" not influenced by others; impartial. "a thorough and independent investigation of the case" synonyms: impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, neutral, disinterested, uninvolved, uncommitted, detached, dispassionate, objective, nonpartisan, nondiscriminatory...

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