Nanci's Sangria

Nanci's Sangria

sangria recipe tailored west

Ingredients to slice: 1 large Orange, 2 Lemons and 2 Limes

Fruit to add whole: 8-12 washed Strawberries, a hand full of Raspberries

Thaw a frozen concentrate of Pomegranate Juice and put over fruit, marinating it for 12-24 hours.

At serving time add a bottle of wine: I use a white wine(chilled) for brunch, and for afternoon/evening Sangria I use Merlot or a Cabernet (also Chilled).

Lastly I add 1 large bottle of Sprite.

Tip: Ahead of time....actually... ALL of the time I keep in my freezer the following so my Sangria can be out for hours without getting watered down and stays Yummy Cool!:

I thaw 2 pomegranate juices and add a bottle of red wine... mix well and pour into containers of your choice. I use 6-12 ounce plastic containers.