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The Fierce Girl Band Story

Step into Tailored West on Historic Main Street, Canon City, Colorado;

You'll hear the hum of many sewing machines just under the soft, relaxing music.

You will SEE, FEEL and marvel at the fashions we make here! 

Displayed with great creativity to inspire your new look... the friendly sales team will begin to share our story, and our vision for today... and the growth planned for the future.

We Design, we manufacture, we sell in store, wholesale, on line and on Amazon.

We tailor, we alter, we serve... we GIVE BACK and we share!


We have a little thing we say amongst us Girls in the Band... 

"Share the Tribal Knowledge!" It's really rewarding to see Employees ranging from sixteen years to sixty-five, teaching one another and growing together!

As you can imagine... Us seasoned Girls are instilling skills as well as great work ethics and efficiencies into our Junior Team members, and THEY are great to share new technology tricks with us as among other things. 

Yes... It's a lively little business run by a Lovely but ... FIERCE GIRL BAND !

nanci kezar

"When you begin a journey like this, you need to be open minded, with a sense of humor, a willingness to allow the natural progression happen... not overly determined to stay the original course!" ~Nanci

Tailored West, Inc really began in 1984 as I honed my skills in Couture.  I was not incorporated, did not employ people, and really did not envision that my designs would be created, people would be taught to assemble them, and they would be produced for multiple Tailored West stores.

The natural evolution began, as I opened myself up to the needs of my community, and the obvious needs of people of every age and size to be treated to tailoring-on-the spot!

At Tailored West, we work with Guests to create a look, a fit and and a style they love!


nanci kezar

"When I began playing with scissors (literally), paper, glue, colored pencils... then fabrics, needle and thread... I was but a child. This was my quiet time in my upper story farm house room. This was what I did when there were no chores, no tasks, and no one needing me. I encourage each of you to ask yourself this question, if you are seeking happiness in your work. 'What did I DO, when I could do anything I wanted to as a child'... that was your natural happiness then, and it will help bring happiness to your work now!" ~ Nanci


Owning a Piece of the American Dream 

Whether you just love our story, our vision and our passion... or you want a piece of this amazing business as your very own. Put your Adventure glasses on and your big red cape and JUMP!