Our Story

Tailored West Fashion Boutique was founded by Nanci Kezar and opened its doors in Cañon City, Colorado in 2013. The brand and boutique are the culmination of Nanci's acquired passions, hard work and vision.
Nanci Kezar Tailored West Owner

Born in Northern Minnesota, Nanci was the only daughter of six siblings. Growing up on a farm with a large family, Nanci was taught at the age of four how to press and hem cotton dish towels. She instantly fell in love with the feel of fabric, the smell of it under a hot iron and the precision of sewing a perfectly straight hem. 

At the age of eight, she enrolled in 4-H program where she participated in home economics and sewing classes. There, she designed and sewed her first vest and skirt inspired by her favorite Western television shows. Immersed in her creativity, she spent the free time of her childhood decorating her bedroom for each season and making clothing for her dolls with craft supplies given to her by her mother.


nanci kezar as a young girl

"When I began playing with scissors (literally), paper, glue, colored pencils... then fabrics, needle and thread... I was but a child. This was my quiet time in my upper story farm house room. This was what I did when there were no chores, no tasks, and no one needing me. I encourage each of you to ask yourself this question, if you are seeking happiness in your work. 'What did I DO, when I could do anything I wanted to as a child'... that was your natural happiness then, and it will help bring happiness to your work now!" ~ Nanci

 From 1964 through 2002 the opportunities to perfect her trade were endless, and spanned many mediums! Living by the motto, "Stay open to every Avenue..." she was able to manifest her different learnings into her primary goal of creating a brand and business for her clothing designs.

In 2005, she began organizing a portfolio of branded designs and created the label "Tailored West". In February of 2013, with little capital and a lot of grit, Nanci opened the first Tailored West boutique in a 900 square foot space in eastern Cañon City. She guided the mission of Tailored West to create American-made fashion with a Western flare to fit the modern woman. Nanci often says clothing that "maximizes your positives and minimizes your negatives" was missing in the market, so she began custom tailoring clothing for her clients that inspired many of Tailored West's signature designs.

Tailored West continues to gain traction and has became known for designing flattering and fashionable clothing, whether from the one-of-a-kind "Couturier" collection or the Core collection.

Today at Tailored West, you'll hear the hum of many sewing machines just under the soft, relaxing music. You will see, feel and marvel at the fashions we make in-house. Everything is thoughtfully displayed with great creativity to inspire your new look. We up-cycle, repurpose, reinvent, create, custom tailor, and more!

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