5 Years in the Making

113 Latino Ln.

Welcome to our first Tailored West, 113 Latigo Lane. I started working for Nanci back when she was in the little store behind Chili's, way back in 2013. I was given a business card of Nanci's by my clothing teacher my Junior year of High School (back when I thought I would be a fashion designer).

Thus, the beautiful journey of my life with Tailored West began. I was interviewed by Brenda, so I did not even meet Nanci until my first day on the job. Amy was my orientation teacher, so I still was not around Nanci for the first while. I have been working since I was 13 years old. I was so fascinated for my first job not in food service, I was ready to do anything to keep this job. Even if that meant deep cleaning the bathroom (which was our dressing room at the time, wow how far we've come). Eventually I worked more with Nanci, helping her fold the pieces of fabric for the first Bolder Bands, being her personal mannequin for her designs, and keeping people away from her so she could work. Shortly after my time with her, it was time to move to something bigger.

224 Main Street

New move! Off we traveled to our rustic little 224 Main Street store across from Doritos. Many knew this store by the bright green door we had painted out front. It was a bigger space that we made look smaller with all of the things we filled it with. Many memories and fashion shows were started at 224, including our expansion store, 103 North Tejon Street in Colorado Springs (Sorry, no picture, my store was the Cañon store). Almost done with High School, I had discovered the performance life was the life for me. Nanci had helped me develop a better sense of style for me and my personality rather than what I was trying to copy from social media. I was so grateful ending my senior year and last summer before college with Nanci helping her and other small town businesses in Cañon City grow.

Off to college as a Musical Theatre and Dance Major I went. Of course I still needed a job, so I continued to work for Nanci when I came home for breaks from college. College expanded so many opportunities and life chapters for me, yet my Tailored West chapter still has not come to a close. Two summers later I came home to a big brand new (very open store, compared to 224). 502 Main Street, across from the new Teek restaurant. ***Our team works so much and hard, how else are we supposed to feed ourselves if we don't set up shop across from a restaurant (;

502 Main Street

Here we are, 5 years in the making. As I am about to go off onto my 5th and final year of College, I can't help but look back on how much growth has been made in the past 5 (going on 6) years. First of all, how much my sense of style has changed and developed into what it is today. Second of all, how much our little 113 Latino Lane store has grown into this continuously growing small town miracle. Opening our doors to all and making "love our highest goal" 1Corinthians14:1.

Of course we are still doing our in-store alterations, and we now have tuxedo rentals here in our little big town of Cañon City. Perfect for all your events whether you have a wedding coming up, prom, or just a fancy night out. We are also SO HAPPY to have the 103 North Tejon Street in Colorado Springs as our first franchise! We welcome the new owner, Elma, with open arms and hearts to our team! Our fashion team and experts are here to help you grow your own fashion styles, business, or help you find that missing piece in your closet. 

Come say hi to one of our team members in a store today! 502 Main Street, Cañon City or 103 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs. And don't forget to come in tomorrow too because our store is always changing!