Making America Make Again

We are Americans!

We celebrate our lives. We travel to be with those who mean the world to us. We stay up late at night putting final touches on the cake, the dress, the dance hall, the costume. We shorten our grandsons pant hem and we later stay up REALLY late watching the videos, and laughing and crying.

We are FREE! Our children's wedding ceremonies can be written by them.

We are FREE! Our businesses can post Images/Literature/Quotes of anything WE want encourage, support, advertise.... or admonish.

We are FREE in a most fabulous way that no other country on earth is.

Our Constitution. The Constitution of the United States of America spells out these truths.

Have you read it?

Have you read it recently?

Here you go. Please. Be informed. Be involved. Be a force to protect. Be a force of truth and be an AMERICAN. In God we trust. Only.

There are so many sites to read, and even more great books.

Please be encouraged, be challenged. We are smarter than ever, however, perhaps a bit complacent. Let us not let down our gaurd.