Those Christmas Mice!

Recipe ::: You'll need Chocolate Kisses, Slivered Almonds, maraschino Cherries WITH Stems, some Melting Chocolate, and a tube of RED glaze that I always find in the cake decorating section at any grocery. You will also need paper towels, Milk, Coffee or wine and Christmas Music playing for this to go right.

1. First... Pair up the ears. We like our Mice to have ears that are the same size... If you don't care if they are embarrassed, you can skip this step.

2. Unwrap all the little chubby chocolate heads.

3. Lay out the paper towels and after you drain the cherry bodies, select the best ones with good long tails and let them drain for awhile.

4. Melt your chocolate and as you dredge each cherry, you attach a Kiss Mousey head and inset the little Almond ears.

5. When they are cooled, you dot on the glaze eyes and a nice prominent Mousy Nose. 

6.Let the little guys dry over night....

I love giving them as gifts. Playing a Hide and Seek gave with prizes, letting them run around on top of my Christmas cakes and pies, or anything else that seems fun and joyful!