Entering the next era of Tailored West, Inc.

I am remiss. I have not written a blog post in ages. I have been taking care of business, Employees, and so much more. I feel we live in this age of many words, many ways to reach out and so much of it lost in the process. I just want to write one quick message, and then ask you to keep checking in, because here's the truth.

  • I'm tired, and I'd like to quit.
  • I'm NOT a quitter.
  • I'm going to take a little reflexion time when I go home to Mom's farm and go through all of her life's collections of things.
  • I'm going to come back, dive into designing, and let The Fierce Girl Band take this thing I started and RUN...
  • Look forward to FRESH IDEAS from this amazing team, and I will be cheering them on as Junior Owners.
  • Be Blessed!
  • Be courageous in your own future plans, and give back.