What has TIME taught YOU "Girl Boss"?

I love the age I am at....the "level".

If I think of each year as a new "Level" that I've grown up into. A higher level in which I have stretched and grown, but totally been tossed around and blown over....I can embrace these years. These LEVELS. They are my friends. Funny to think of TIME, as a friend. TIME. My sidekick that I look over my shoulder at and wink. TIME. My shadow of a past filled with goals, disappointments and lessons. TIME. My teacher now cheering me on as I have finally grown up to the title "Girl Boss". TIME. Who has taught me how to lead with love, fairness, and selflessness. TIME. Who has knocked me on my BUTT when I have attempted to lead or serve any other way....with an ego...with overly aggressive plans, or just simply without a well designed PLAN! 

My gorgeous and smart Daughter gave me a book for Christmas. I highly recommend this for you Ladies that want to be a Girl Boss, are already a Boss and want to be a better Boss, or know a Girl who wants....well you get my point!

If I had read this earlier in my journey I could have come further, faster....but that wan't how things went. Some of us have to come up the back staircase to the best level at the perfect time.

Enjoy the level you are at today.

Challenge yourself to step up and keep stepping up until you reach your goals!