Notes from a YWAM meeting that touched me deeply.

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I'm excited to write this and I hope you enjoy the information and are motivated in some way!

We attended an inspirational meeting last night and I wanted to spread some of these Affirmations of the YWAM Wealth Creation Manifesto. This meeting was in Colorado Springs at the YWAM School of Business and Entrepreneurship DTS.

We were warmly greeted and treated to dessert and coffee and then the true treat began...

Learning about the affirmations of the Lausanne Movement and Business As Mission (BAM)

I'm just going to mention a few that highly resonated with me:

  • We are created in God's image, to co-create with Him and for Him, to create products and services for the common good.
  • Wealth creation is a holy calling, and a God-given gift, which is commended in the Bible.
  • There is a universal calling to generosity, and contentment is a virtue, but material simplicity is a personal choice, and involuntary poverty should be alleviated.
  • Wealth creation through business has proven power to lift people and nations out of poverty.
  • The purpose of wealth creation through business goes beyond giving generously although that is to be commended; good business has intrinsic value as a means of material provision and can be an agent of positive transformation in society.
An Appeal
The above mentioned organizations present these appeals, (and other)s, especially to leaders in business, church, government and academia...
"We call for wealth creators to persevere, diligently using their God-given gifts to serve God and people.....
Friends, I left feeling wonderful about Tailored West.
  • Feeling thankful beyond measure to be able to do what I was created to do.
  • Thankful for this great Nation and our FREEDOMS to pursue dreams won at such great cost.
  • Thankful that I get to teach others my trade, share my passion, and use my God-given gifts for serve God and people.
Thank you for sharing in any way you have by your generous support and encouragement of Tailored West.
Blessings, abundant blessings,
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