New Joys in Difficult Times

New Joys in difficult times!

My random observations shared to Friends!

I'm finding that as I was required to slow down during the recent pandemic, I changed. I wonder, in how many ways have we all been effected? We were all definitely slammed to a halt in areas of activities, and freedoms.

Did we learn? Did we grow? Did we become a better version of ourselves?

Here was my prayer.

When the pandemic first hit, I asked The Lord, "Is THIS IT? Is this the end of Your Tailored West, this little thing You asked me to have enough FAITH to start? Are you putting this to a close, and I ride off into the sunset? Are You turning this amazing team free to pursue some other line of work, grow is some other aspect with their talents and gifts?"

Just like that, I was filled with a NEW energy and a pascal of fabulous NEW ideas started pouring into my heart, and I knew the answer was clear!

  • Press ON!
  • Build a stronger business.
  • Look around you, you have everything you need.
  • Pay attention to details you have overlooked.
  • Design more.
  • Create more.
  • Serve in NEW ways, look for NEW opportunities.
  • Sell this beautiful concept of helping people feel their most beautiful self to the whole Nation.... and lastly. (So we put the whole store online!)
  • Involve your Community in every way possible!

Friends, as difficult as the year has been for business, we are living in thanksgiving. Thankful we did not loose ONE SINGLE TEAM MEMBER, and have been able to hire even more talented people to advance our manufacturing and online capabilities. The difficulties became challenges that our Team arose to, which turned into growth for us all, which in turn strengthened the entire business. 

We once again extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support and encouragement. 

We couldn't do what we do without you!

~ Nanci and The Fierce Girl Band of Tailored West