Tailored West is Refreshed and Ready!!

Greetings From Nanci at Tailored West, Your fashion Destination!

Hello Friends,

       I've been really contemplating how to move my business forward this year. I have enjoyed some reading time, and even a few weekends away from the business to re-group and plan, to put a little dreaming time back into my life and spend added time in prayer and Thanksgiving.


     You are about to see a fun explosion of color as the Spring and Summer fashions arrive!!

     I am designing a few Ver'e'ne pieces to compliment each of our key lines...

"Ver'e'ne", designed and manufactured in Canon City Colorado to stage the Artistic beading and embellishments of Double D Ranch, the feminine flair of April Cornell, the carefree yet chic looks of Chalet and Jess and Jane, and the absolute artistry of Vintage Concept!

     Additionally, watch for an all-new roll out of silks, crazy beautiful laces and fringe fringe fringe!! It is going to be a fantastic season at Tailored West!!

Please enjoy The TW Version of feeling and looking your BEST!

Thank you for your time!!! Friend.... you are exhibiting an interest in what we are doing in the world of fashion and we appreciate that!!


See Ya!