"Let love be your highest goal." 1 Cor 14:1
"Let love be your highest goal." 1 Cor 14:1
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Why try?

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If at first you don't succeed.....you know the rest.....Try Try AGAIN!

Friends, I have attempted many endeavors in my 55 years that have come to a sudden end. They needed to.

Tailored West is different! It cannot end because every day as I arrive bright and early, I WANT to be here... I WANT to be doing this! It is not money that keeps me trying to grow my label Ver'e'ne and my company, Tailored West.

It is an internal passion to create something beautiful and lasting. Something that inspires others. Something that the entire team can embrace. Something they can own and believe in. A business wherein each employee's contribution is irreplaceable.

Why try....and what are we trying to do??

Ver'e'ne is a growing label in Colorado that has several "Legs" to stand on!

1. Quality fabrics. Some Vintage touches, some organic and natural touches, but the primary characteristics QUALITY and HAND (Fabulous to the touch).

2. Fit. Ver'e'ne Fits American women. If you are a size Medium. You will wear Medium in Ver'e'ne....Not a size UP because the garment was made off-shore.

3. Quality construction. We do not cut corners on construction in any way.

4. Style. Fashion with flair. Fashion that is Pretty and fashion that is feminine! 



In the effort to bring to Colorado, fabulous, American made quality clothing for women, I just spent days in Dallas sourcing fabrics for the upcoming designs. 

Arriving in a few day, the largest, most exciting collection of colors and textures yet so stay tuned as we roll out an unexpected and refreshing collection of Ver'e'ne! 

Thanks for spending a minute with a dreamer!


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