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New leggings, boots, and jackets..Oh my!

Bed Stu ELIETIAN Fall 2015

We are super excited for Fall!..Cooler weather is on its way and we have outfits that'll keep you warm, and in style!! Our model is wearing the Nuage Nepal Khaki Jacket, Elie Tian High Waist Leggings in Olive-Multi, Bed Stu Gogo Boots in Black Handwash, and the Elie Tian Long Sleeve Dress in Black. This outfit makes me wish for cold weather!!

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Tailored West Heads North-By Brandon Withers Canon City Shopper

Double D Ranch Fashion Show

Here's our Announcement! We're expanding! Our new location will carry designs by Roja, Double D Ranch, Rock Flower Paper, and many more!! Set to open November 1st! Our fashion show will kick of this big expansion. It will take place Friday, Sept. 4th @ 6pm at our Canon City location- 224 Main Street, Canon City, CO 81212. Tickets are $15 per person. For more details, please visit and click on the link (Get tickets here).


We hope to see you there!!

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Dressing for Success!

Beads Clothes Cowgirls hand-crafted jewelry Ver'e'ne

Hi Friends! Have you ever contemplated language and how complicated language REALLY is?? As I write to you.... How can I be sure that the words I choose portray what I am really thinking? How can I express that we really want to be involved in your fashion decisions?!! Oh Friends!! How I believe that at Tailored West, and, we can assist you in looking your best, feeling beautiful and confident....Coming this week-end. Your professional Style Consultant at your fingertips! Check it out at tailored  

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First Friday Fun at Tailored West

Bluegrass Country Music Jerry Brown Ridin' The Strings Ver'e'ne

Hello Friends! Did you know that Friday has ALWAYS been my favorite day! In fact....I love it so much that here at Tailored West, we made two Fridays for every can do that when you're the Boss haha! Wednesdays are our "First Friday", complete with Rock-n-Roll in production and boxes of sweet treats....We just set the stage for a Friday attitude! That rolls us through a productive Thursday as we look forward to....well.....FRIDAY! So, Happy First Friday everyone! And remember, that the "First Friday" of every month is super special at Tailored West. This week, once again, enjoy "Ridin'...

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"Because of Winn-Dixie".....and Benny.

Because of Winn-Dixie Border Collies Canon City Clothes Dogs Double D Ranchwear Kate DiCamillo Pets Rock and Roll Cowgirl Jeans Tony Lama Boots Unbranded Ver'e'ne

Friends....Meet Boutique Benny.      My son brought him to Colorado when I first moved here four years ago. Benny was a puppy, and we ....well, we needed each other. Both kind of cast-aways, orphans, least I thought that I was.... I used to quip that Benny cost $32.50 a day to keep, for all the stuff he wrecked, chewed, tore up.....and added in to that was all the trips to the dog pound. He liked adventure I guess and so squirrels, bunnies, boys on scooters or skateboards could ruin his best intentions of staying home..... I LOVE Kate...

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