They are little for such a short time framed sign my word!

They Are Little Pine Framed Sign 12 x 16

My Word!
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They Are Little for such a short time. The days can be long but the years are too short. Give them hugs, praise, and encouragement every day. Let them cry a little, let them giggle, and let them sleep in the middle. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them again. Make sure they know how special, unique, and wonderful they are. Hold each hug a little bit longer. Let them ask questions and inspire their wonder. Show them how. Let them see how much they can do for themselves. Remember that your every word, every look and reaction is such a big part of their world, but only for awhile. Each day they venture a little further, fly a little higher, and grow a little older. So for now, let them be little. Oh, just let them be little.

Size 12" W x 16" H

Keyhole in the back to hang