"Because of Winn-Dixie".....and Benny.


Friends....Meet Boutique Benny.


My son brought him to Colorado when I first moved here four years ago. Benny was a puppy, and we ....well, we needed each other.

Both kind of cast-aways, orphans, misfits.....at least I thought that I was....

I used to quip that Benny cost $32.50 a day to keep, for all the stuff he wrecked, chewed, tore up.....and added in to that was all the trips to the dog pound. He liked adventure I guess and so squirrels, bunnies, boys on scooters or skateboards could ruin his best intentions of staying home.....

I LOVE Kate DiCamillo and her book "Because of Winn-Dixie" has an excerpt that describes my Boutique Benny to a T!

"And then he crept up on the couch with us in this funny way he has, where he gets on the couch an inch at a time, kind of sliding himself onto it, looking off in a different direction, like it's all happening by accident, like he doesn't intend to get on the couch, but all of a sudden, there he is."

At Tailored West.....everybody loves Boutique Benny. I wish all of you could know him, and I hope that you have your own version.

Love the day, Pet the Pets, Cross your T's and DoubleYour D's!

I've enjoyed our chat!


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