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Meet The "Fierce Girl Band" of Tailored West

Meet the "fierce girl band" team members of Tailored West Cañon City and Colorado Springs. The passion and dedication of each team member is what makes Tailored West strong and thriving!

Nanci Kezar | Owner & CEO

Nanci Kezar Tailored West Owner

Tailored West Fashion Boutique was founded by Nanci Kezar and opened its doors in Cañon City, Colorado in 2013. The brand and boutique are the culmination of Nanci's acquired passions, hard work and vision.

Pictured here are Montana her beloved Quarter Horse and Boutique Benny who has been in Nanci's life since before Tailored West was!

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Janet Bergin | Operations Manager

Janet Bergin

Janet has been involved with Tailored West ever since she stopped in the first location in east Cañon City in 2013. After years of building a relationship with Nanci as a friend and as a loyal customer, Janet began helping with Tailored West festivals and events. She later was brought on as a consultant to assist in graphic design, branding, website maintenance, technical support, and online order fulfillment Janet also formulated, produced and designed Tailored West’s Essential Oil line. In 2018 through 2019, she was a key component in launching Tailored West’s two franchise locations. In the winter of 2021, Janet was officially hired as the Operations Manager at the Cañon City location.

In her spare time, Janet enjoys teaching yoga, hiking, and traveling with friends. She is a certified color, image, and brand consultant and continues making and selling her essential oil blends.


Bri Conley | Assistant Manager - Cañon City

I started working for Tailored West in 2021. I started as a sales associate, worked my way to assistant manager, and now I have hopes of running my own Tailored West in the future! 
I’ve always had an appreciation for fashion. I’d like to think my style is eclectic but that’s what’s fun about it. I say keep it funky because why not keep people on their toes. I mean, I am known for my big ol’ eyelashes at work! 
Since I’ve started here, I’ve gained knowledge, confidence, and self-esteem. Working with hardworking and determined women has been an inspiration to me and I hope other women see it as inspiration too. 
Outside of Tailored West, you can find Bri DJing, dancing till the sun comes out, or just relaxing at home with a glass of wine along with her spunky cat. 




Holly Gust | Assistant Manager - Cañon City

Holly Gust

I am happy to say that Tailored West Discovered me in 2019 when I came in to the store to do some shopping and I left as a model.  How cool is that! From there I became a sales associate. I truly love when a guest comes in not knowing what they are looking for, and I get to be a part of that experience helping them to find a piece or pieces they love and feel confident in. I absolutely love our team of strong women, and I can’t imagine a more enjoyable and supportive work environment.

Outside of Tailored West I am a wife and mom. I have a smart, beautiful little girl that is my whole world. We love to vacation, although it's usually always to Disney. In my free time I love getting crafty, from painting to making jewelry and bows. I also enjoy the outdoors, helping at the family ranch, fishing, camping, and swimming in any body of water I come across.



Heather Currado | Sales Associate - Cañon City

Heather CurradoHeather is a sales associate at our Cañon City location. Heather has loved all things Western since she was a little girl, her imagination sparked by favorite stories such as Little Britches by Ralph Moody and Little House on the Prairie. Her heroes include even "non-Western" pioneers like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Corrie TenBoom, whose lives exemplify the absolute trustworthiness and faithfulness of Jesus Christ in even the most terrible of circumstances, and CS Lewis, who wrote the beloved Chronicles of Narnia. As a girl, her motivation for learning to sew was to create period pieces like those worn on the old frontier. Heather grew up in the West, mostly in the vast poppy fields and Joshua trees of the Mojave Desert, doing fun things like milking Nubian goats, collecting fresh chicken eggs, training her first horse, learning about nutritional health & healing, and enjoying her very large family.
She is now in Colorado, enjoying the community, the Arkansas River, and the new trails with her husband and two teenagers - one of whom has introduced to them life with a Bluetick Coonhound. That is an adventure all on its own! One of Heather's favorite places ever is, from the very first time she saw the window from the sidewalk, Tailored West. Her favorite part of working at Tailored West is meeting all the lovely guests that come through and learning a little bit about their lives. Her other favorite part is the group of women she works with. It is an honor to work with these ladies, who aim together to serve and learn and improve skills. The creativity and beauty represented among them are inspiring.

Breanna Spellman | Sales Associate and Cañon City Assistant

Breanna SpellmanBreanna has been coming to Tailored West with her family since the beginning of our business in Cañon City. After a position opened up that wasn't quite the right fit, Bre patiently prayed and waited for another opportunity. In November 2022 it was finally time for Bre to join the team. Bre is loving her new job and is excited to learn more.

When she's not at work or school, you can find her baking and experimenting with new recipes. Her aspiration is to get a degree in pastries and French cuisine. Bre wants to open and own a bakery one day. Aside from baking, Bre loves four-wheeling with family and playing softball with her friends on the school team.

Linda Kear | Bridal & Special Occasions Alterations

tailored west meet our team

Linda started at Tailored West in June 2017 after being recommended for her sewing skills and knowledge as a former consumer studies teacher. She can be found in the back of Tailored West Cañon City as the head of Bridal and Special Occasions Alterations. Linda, who has been sewing and making her own clothes since grade school, uses her talents for intricate wedding and formal dresses and complex alterations. She is well versed in lace, beading, and more. She also sews many of Tailored West's signature clothing collection.

When she's not behind a sewing machine, Linda enjoys hiking, walking and spending time with her children and grandchildren.



Sydney Goodwin | Alterations

Sydney Goodwin is Tailored West’s head of the  everyday alterations department. In dire need of a change and a desire to broaden her skill set she  interviewed for the alterations position. Being accepted for the job meant a lot of hard work and apprenticeship to catch up and be qualified for the post. She takes each new project with care and dedication to her craft. 

Sydney has an eye for the small, mundane, and beautiful things in life. Her passion for taking care of  the things we have, living with purpose and intention, and living a little slower, allows for a deep connection with her work as a tailor, gardener and award winning artist. 

As a huge nerd, Sydney is illustrating a fan fiction graphic novel for Avatar the Last Airbender, is co-host on a Star Wars podcast, and frequently rewatches/ rereads movies and books like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. And before you ask, yes, she has set up booths at various comic conventions and will be at more!  

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sydney has seen a small portion of the world having lived in three provinces, five states and three countries including Brazil. Now she lives with her husband, two cats and a steadily growing indoor plant jungle and is excited to continue growing her skills as an artist and tailor. 

You can often find this quiet seamstress at a local coffee shop with a book or with friends enjoying a latte (or tea occasionally, she doesn’t discriminate). 


Betty Johnson | Alterations

Betty Johnson Alterations

Betty Johnson came to Tailored West having been trained in the art of alterations. She joined the Tailored West team in 2016 bringing with her many previous customers. Betty assists in the division of general alterations, specializing in uniforms, menswear, and mending.

Betty's life is depicted by a strong faith in God, dedication to her family, her church, and her community. She has served in hospice, and the entire team truly appreciates her loving and caring heart.



Dianna Carver | Jewelry Designer

Dianna Carver Jewelry Designer

Dianna came into Tailored West looking to learn to sew, and after multiple interviews was hired! Now she works closely with Nanci creating jewelry to perfectly match and enhance the look of Tailored West’s signature fashions as well as learning to sew in the production room.

Dianna grew up in Fremont county where she could be found working with her animals in 4-H or on an art project for school. She was always interested in drawing and painting in art class, but after graduating she found herself turning her interest to jewelry. Her passion for jewelry started with making simple necklaces and bracelets as gifts and grew to her discovering a love for fashion, creating a bridal jewelry line and participating in several Colorado fashion shows before eventually finding her way to Tailored West. Dianna still loves doing any kind of art project, when she’s not working on jewelry she occasionally works as a professional face and body painter. In her free time now she’s most often on her horse or enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery with her dogs.



Shelby | Sales Associate - Colorado Springs

Shelby Flick Tailored West

Shelby started with Tailored West straight outta’ high school back in 2014, as a seamstress in the manufacturing department and after years of working in the store and learning the business, she was given the opportunity to start up the Colorado Springs Chapel Hills location in 2021.

“Honing in on my interpersonal skills on the retail floor and under the mentorship of Nanci has given me the skills and confidence I would not have been able to develop anywhere else as a young woman.”

Outside of Tailored West, you can catch her teaching line dance classes, traveling to famous Honky-Tonks to country-swing dance or at the front row of any concert this side of the Rockies. With nearly 10 years of sewing experience she specializes in denim alterations and resizing vintage western wear.


Allyson Reish | Sales Associate - Colorado Springs

Ally R

Allyson first heard about Tailored West when her friend, Shelby shared a social media post about the Cañon City location. A few months later, Allyson kept her interest in Tailored West as Shelby and the Tailored West Team began opening the Colorado Springs location. Allyson was hired in the Summer of 2021 as a Sales Associate part time. She loves that she gets to work for people that have such positive attitudes and enjoy the work that they do. She also really enjoys that some of the many of the items sold by Tailored West are made by talented members of the Cañon City team.

Outside of work, Allyson can be found either somewhere on a Country Bar dance floor or 100% unavailable on a plane to her next adventure, in a new place.


Thyrrni Thorson | Sales Associate - Both Locations

Thyrrni ThorsonThyrrni is a versatile sales associate at both our Cañon City and Colorado Springs locations. She started working at Tailored West Cañon City in February 2023 very eager, and excited to learn more about fashion. Since then Thyrrni has been working at both Tailored West locations which has helped her grow more and more. Ever since she can remember she has loved fashion and expressing herself and working at Tailored West has helped her expand even more. Other than fashion, Thyrrni loves to dance and perform! Art in all forms has been such a creative outlet in her life and she loves exploring new ways to do so!

Amber Harding | IT Genius

Amber Harding Tailored WestAmber has been with Tailored West since it's inception and is an IT genius! Considered Family, Amber is to be accredited with the initial set-up of all of Tailored West's technical aspects and on-line presence including our thriving Amazon presence. Amber oversees our future on-line endeavors as consultant and we are ever-so-proud of the education she has conquered, and the family she has raised while doing so much for the business.








Brianna Freda-Reed | Board of Director's Member

tailored west meet our team brianna freda

Brianna has been working for Tailored West from the very beginning. She has followed the business through 3 moves, 4 franchises, and even met her husband through the business! Helping and watching the business grow has been such a wonderful experience for her. She can truly say that she loves going to work and working with such a fierce girl band. She is so proud to work at a business that is fully female run that inspires women everyday to be their true self and embrace it.

Brianna is on the board of directors for Tailored West. She has been TW's general manager, and the operations and staff trainer for the last few years. Brianna spends her time away from the store teaching and training Aerial Silks dance and fitness. She is also a dog mom to a pretty little mixed breed pup named Willow, whom you may have met or will meet at the store every so often.

Rebecca | Web Presence Assistant

Rebecca is assisting with our online presence, keeping everything up-to-date.

Helena | Accountant

Helena is our company's accountant.