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Meet The "Fierce Girl Band" of Tailored West

Meet the "fierce girl band" team members of Tailored West Cañon City and Colorado Springs. The passion and dedication of each team member is what makes Tailored West strong and thriving!

Brianna Freda | Manager - Cañon City

tailored west meet our team brianna freda

Brianna has been working for Tailored West from the very beginning. She has followed the business through 3 moves, 4 franchises, and even met her husband through the business! Helping and watching the business grow has been such a wonderful experience for her. She can truly say that she loves going to work and working with such a fierce girl band. She is so proud to work at a business that is fully female run that inspires women everyday to be their true self and embrace it.

In addition to managing the Cañon City store, and being the operations and staff trainer, Brianna spends her time away from the store teaching and training Aerial Silks dance and fitness. She is also a dog mom to a pretty little mixed breed pup named Willow, whom you may have met or will meet at the store every so often.


Shelby Flick | Manager - Colorado Springs

tailored west meet our team

Shelby began working at Tailored West right out of high school. She started off working as a full time (assembly line) seamstress for the company and quickly developed a passion for additional parts of running a small retail business. When she expressed interest in working on the retail side of the operation, Nanci immediately took Shelby under her wing and showed her the ropes. Together, they traveled to trade shows, dug through mountains of fabrics, and pieced together some of Nanci's designs. Tailored West helped Shelby's love for western wear and western culture blossom. You will often see her wearing some sort of leather and she's a sucker for conchos.

Cañon City just wasn’t quite big enough for Shelby, so Nanci encouraged her to see the world, and boy she did. Before she began her journey, she told Nanci that she’d always work for her. Later, when Nanci approached her with the opportunity to open and manage a new location, Shelby jumped at the chance to be apart of the new vision.

In her free time, Shelby loves to go country swing dancing with her husband, throw the ball for her dog HoneyBee and go to any concert this side of the Rockies. She has a background in tailoring and a love for all things fashion. She lives by the motto “Your outfit makes the first impression, and make sure it’s a good one”. 

Sydney Sawatsky | Alterations & Rentals - Cañon City

tailored west meet our team

Sydney Sawatsky is Tailored West’s head of the everyday alterations department. She discovered Tailored West when someone from her previous job had mentioned an opening. Looking for a change and to broaden her skill set, Sydney interviewed for the alterations position. 

Having been accepted for the job meant a lot of hard work and apprenticeship to catch up and be qualified for the post. Still on a road of learning, Sydney takes each new project with care and dedication to her craft. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sydney has seen a small portion of the world having lived in three provinces, five states and three countries including Brazil. Now she lives with her cat Luna and a steadily growing indoor plant jungle in Cañon City Colorado, excited to continue growing her skills as an artist and tailor.



Dianna Carver | Jewelry Designer

tailored west meet our team

Dianna came into Tailored West looking to learn to sew, and after multiple interviews was eventually hired as the jewelry designer. ­­Now she works closely with Nanci creating jewelry to perfectly match and enhance the look of Tailored West’s signature fashions. Since being hired she has also been learning to sew and can now occasionally be found behind a sewing machine in the production room.

Dianna grew up in Fremont High School where she could be found working with her animals in 4-H or on an art project for school. She was always interested in drawing and painting in art class, but after graduating she found herself turning her interest to jewelry. Her passion for jewelry started with making simple necklaces and bracelets as gifts and grew to her discovering a love for fashion, creating a bridal jewelry line and participating in several Colorado fashion shows before eventually finding her way to Tailored West. Dianna still loves doing any kind of art project, when she’s not working on jewelry she occasionally works as a professional face and body painter. In her free time now she’s most often on her horse or enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery with her dogs.


Kat Fox Reynolds | Marketing Director

tailored west meet our team

After seven years in the fast-paced fine jewelry industry of New York City, Kat has developed a multi-faceted skill set of social media marketing, digital marketing, website design, graphic design and photography. In search of an outdoor lifestyle, she and her husband relocated to Cañon City, Colorado in the summer of 2017. There, she began focusing her marketing and design expertise within small businesses as a consultant, both locally and remotely. In 2019, she was introduced to Nanci and brought on as the consulting marketing director at Tailored West. Equipped with Nanci's passion and vision, Kat created new branding and revamped tailoredwest.com. She continues to build Tailored West's visuals and audience through her digital marketing efforts.

In her spare time, she loves to hike and mountain bike with her husband and two dogs and experiment in different creative mediums, such as painting and furniture refinishing.